Broadfork: What Is It & Why You Really Need It

Recently, there has been a real boom in the field of rationalization and development of new garden hand tools. The inventors vying to offer solutions and invent useful new tools and technologies. Manufacturers put on conveyors new equipment and introduce the old designs, which did not find its implementation to date, in response to the rapidly growing interest of the population to improving the quality of gardeners’ life. Alongside with the motorized garden equipment, with the help of inventors and business approach, a gap in the lack of new instruments for manual labor is filled. One of these inventions, which can be safely attributed to the class of miracle tool, got a simple and uncomplicated name of the best broadfork garden tool.

Appearance and benefits

Externally, this garden tool is an elongated in width fork with easy focusing and double long handle. It resembles a large clip. The components of these tools are metal, but to reduce the weight and strength, the support handle is made of a hollow bent tube or the model Bully Tools 92627 has a fiberglass handle. Forks are made of hardened steel reinforcement and therefore are strong enough. The design of this tool is quite simple, but at the same time very effective. It is possible to keep broadfork with other tools in the garden shed. In view of the fact that this tool does not require gasoline or electricity, you will not be tied to an electrical outlet and canisters. Using the tool will save a lot of money on fuel and costs can be recouped in some time. Broadfork tool easily and quickly digs any soil. While working, it conducts soil loosening, aerating and removal of weeds at the same time. Simple design allows using this equipment for women and adolescents. It is especially good for root vegetables.

Operation process

According to the width of the soil processing, the device replaces three passes bayonet spades and has a size of about 20”-23”. One step of the fork is about 10”, which is much more than a series under normal digging earth with a shovel. This wonderful tool allows loosening depth of 7-10”. The length of tine is about 11”-13”. It may have 5 or 7 tines. The height of the garden tools is about 44”-54”, which is very convenient to use for ordinary person. The operation process resembles the work of digging the ground with conventional forks, except for the fact that a person holds the handle with two hands evenly distributing the load. At the same time, you almost do not apply the excessive force of your back muscles. In order to immerse the broadfork deep into the ground a person must climb a step on a special ledge and push their weight rather than the efforts of the back muscles. Broadforks made of hardened steel loose the ground, providing a depth of 10”-15” of soil. The size of the working square is about 23”. That is the whole bed. For convenience, it is advisable to dig land in rows, moving backwards. This device can be recommended for spring and autumn digging when the soil is not too greasy. It is advisable not to apply it in dry weather and drought. Too hard rocky soil can strongly bend the forks, so we recommend that before processing the surface layer it is better to fertilize it.


Labour productivity with even one broadfork is several times higher than using the same shovel. The main advantage of the tool is the ability to fast processing of a large site area. In this way, you will spend much less effort. For this reason, work in the garden area will not cause you great fatigue. Proper use of broadfork tool guarantees its work for several years. New broadfork garden equipment will help you to carry out tillage quickly and easily providing an excellent result, and to get rid of the negative effects of labor in the form of back pains. Taking advantage of this wonderful tool, you would not give preference to ordinary shovel, hoes, and harrows. This instrument will be your first assistant in the manual processing section, turning hard and exhausting work in a simple and fast fun! And the price and quality of the tool are sure to please you! The price is affordable, even democratic, for an excellent quality tool and this means that you will be satisfied! Get this tool and let your work become simple, easy and fun, as this is a real gift for organic gardeners!
Rating (5 stars)
Rating (5 Of 5)
By Laverna Daigle on Nov 25, 2016

I bought a broadfork last spring. It is easy and comfortable to dig the beds even if the size of them are rather large. In summer, after the rains, I lose the aisle on a plot of potatoes with it. When it’s time to dig potatoes out, I decided to use this U-fork. It was great, I cannot even imagine that this process can be done so quickly.

Rating (4 Of 5)
By Mila Peralta on Nov 30, 2016

My grandmother watched the advertisement of the broadfork and asked me to buy her it. I searched the internet and found. I really liked how it wielded watching the videos. After I bought it, I did not regret, although it is a bit hard for my granny. I like to use it myself.

Rating (4 Of 5)
By Shu Bowser on Dec 05, 2016

In general, the design is very interesting. I decided to test it on different grounds. The broadfork is ideal for losing light soil but absolutely useless in the virgin one. It is more for losing and digging flowerbeds. It is very convenient to dig out the weeds, as their roots appear on the surface.

Rating (4 Of 5)
By Lilla Burkhart on Dec 09, 2016

I bought this broadfork last season. And I was very pleased. Of course, the whole structure is a little too heavy and not convenient to carry, but the speed of digging pleased me a lot. Without any problems, I dug up the land, which was not dug for many years and just the grass was growing there. It is better to dig moist soil, then it is a lot easier and faster.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Thanh Dozier on Dec 14, 2016

The U-Bar, which is stuck into the ground, loosens the soil when lifting very well and raises all the roots upward so that then they can be simply gathered by a rake. The back does not get tired, there is only a small load on the knees, but then if you take a short distance, it is easy to dig.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Spring Ernst on Dec 20, 2016

I think that nobody likes to dig, but it is necessary to do this. My grandmother bought this broadfork and said that it digs well. I looked at this miracle invention and could not understand how it can dig easily. And then came the day when I decided to use this u bar digger. Certainly, I did not understand immediately how to dig it, but when I realized this, I was pleasantly surprised!

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Andrew Hills on Dec 27, 2016

It is really easier to dig with the U-fork, there is no load on your back, it digs faster than the shovel, and there are no large lumps afterwards. I do not even have to run a rake after digging. And all the weeds are on the surface, then you can pick up and collect them with rakes. I advise it to all gardeners, as it saves time, energy and health!

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Bethel Hong on Jan 09, 2017

I dig with a broadfork and could not stop enjoying it. After all, there were neither back pain from constant inclination nor the waste of time, just you dig effortlessly. We have acquired a light fork with a small width to dig beds for vegetables. Since then, the fork has become my personal tool. There is no need to wait for help in digging the beds as soon as there was a desire to take this miracle fork and dig slowly, looking around. It does not only dig the ground but also loosens and pulls out the weeds.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Suzann Madsen on Jan 31, 2017

Broadfork is very convenient for preparing the ground for planting. The process of digging turns into pleasant work. It does not cut the roots of weeds, pulling them to the surface. After 2-3 years of use, the soil is softer and there are fewer weeds. And most importantly – you can easily and slowly dig up a large area and your back, arms and legs do not feel the load! From a scientific point of view, agronomists recommend loosening the soil, avoiding the death of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria responsible for the fertility of the soil. That’s why the U-fork is really useful!

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Anya Finney on Feb 13, 2017

I’m shocked, it happens seldom but it’s true. I do not trust advertising. I am of the view that a good product does not require advertising. This time I was mistaken. I asked so friends- gardeners, they were aware of the broadfork, even more, have owned this instrument. I could not resist and I decided to verify it personally. So it is a great thing, works like a tractor, but most importantly, my back stopped hurting, it’s a miracle. The efficiency of the work in the garden increased in twice, the work went quickly, even some free time appeared.

Rating (5 Of 5)
By Carla Stanley on Feb 24, 2017

I loved the design of the U fork first, and now it is my favorite tool to use in my garden. I’ve got myself a smaller version and it is easy to use and to store, especially if you don’t have much space for your tools. The fork does not break the roots but rather pull them onto the surface. This means using it for several years straight you have all the chances to get rid of the weeds and the chaffs.

Rating (4 Of 5)
By Dennis McCollister on Mar 15, 2017

My mother has seen the ad for Broadfork and asked me to buy it for her. Being a senior, she loves spending time in her garden but has troubles with gardening tools as they are too heavy or hard to use for her. I should note that loosening the soil with this fork is kind of easy, but it is overall too heavy to take around, so I give it a four out of five.